Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Happiness Day Project Day 7: Frozen Banana Ice Cream

Actually, no. It's not really ice cream. Which is one reason that I'm so happy about it! This "ice cream" has just one ingredient: bananas. Yup.

I realize that the photo looks suspiciously like mashed potatoes and gravy, but trust me: that is a banana and a half.

I love bananas, but their shelf life is ridiculously small. And the window of time that they REALLY taste good is like a day. So I've end up throwing away a lot of bananas in my day (I cannot deal with an overripe banana - yuck). Then I heard that one could freeze bananas. So I took a spotted one and threw it the freezer instead of the trash. I figured I'd use it in a smoothie at some point. And there it sat for a couple of months. In my freezer looking ugly. Then a week ago another one joined it.

I finally decided to make a smoothie today. I took out those nasty looking bananas and didn't really believe they'd be good. I broke open the week old banana and it peeled fairly easily. The older one not so much - I had to peel the skin off with a knife. But they both tasted good. Then I recalled some sort of ice cream recipe using frozen bananas. I did a search for "banana ice cream", and this page popped up. I was thrilled that I had all the ingredients I needed! (The only ingredient.)

How does this deliciousness work? I just plopped the frozen bananas into my blender and put it on the lowest setting for... I don't know... maybe thirty seconds. And voila! A yummy frozen treat that is actually... dare I say it? Healthy.

Happiness! Double happiness, even!

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