Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Music from Machines, Trees or Whatever is Handy

This one falls under the "music" section of "art, music and other shiny objects"... or does it fall under the "art" section? While music itself is an art form, it's easier to recognize the art in some music rather than others. (Did I just say that??)

I found this NPR piece on Diego Stocco today through (If you're not familiar with, I suggest you check it out. But fair warning: you may get sucked into a vortex of groovy, fascinating, funny or informative websites. It's pretty dangerous.)

In a nutshell, Diego Stocco makes music from things that you wouldn't normally think of as instruments; sand, trees... a dry cleaner. Oh - and he also cuts up traditional instruments and Frankenstiens them with others to make something entirely different. It's some cool stuff, I must say.

What really caught my interest was the dry cleaners music, because I like to listen the rhythms of machines; like my dishwasher, or even the tapping of fingers on a computer keyboard. (I do miss old fashioned typewriters: tap tap tap-tap-tap ding zip!)

Check out Music From a Dry Cleaner:
And... Music From a Bonsai:
You can check out the full NPR article here, including an interview with Stocco.

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