Thursday, January 6, 2011

Painting is Food for the Soul

I had the best time last night - another wonderful Painting Soiree! Ten awesome ladies completed ten amazing paintings, and everyone had a blast.

I love it when people walk in saying they can't paint, or that they are not creative, and then walk out 2 hours later completely amazed at what they were able to do. Last night one such woman called me an amazing teacher. Truth be told, I'm not. I'm not being modest or putting myself down... I'm not really teaching. I'm leading, I'm encouraging, I'm suggesting, I'm guiding. I say "Take this brush and put this color on the canvas and see what happens." And they take off. It is such a cool thing to see!

Somehow I think it is important work that we're doing. We're not saving lives or building monuments, but we are feeding souls. You can say that it's just applying paint to a canvas but it's so much deeper than that.  At best it's connecting us to a higher part of ourselves. At worst its a damn good time. But for the most part it's helping people to see possibilities that they didn't know existed. While having a damn good time.

Most of these ladies had very little or no painting experience!
You GO girls!

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