Friday, August 13, 2010

Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

Alfred Hitchcock directed many films that have come to be classics: The Man Who Knew Too Much, Notorious, Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief, Vertigo, The Birds, North by Northwest, and of course Psycho (which, to my delight and my mother's horror, was shown at an assembly at my junior high school). But my all time favorite Hitchcock movie is Rear Window with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. Actually this is one of my favorite movies across the board.

Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (Google Affiliate Ad)

In honor of Alfred Hitchcock's birthday, I've found two trailers for Rear Window. The first is the original trailer, it's kind of hokey but fun. The second one was redone to suite our modern tastes. I like it - it's dramatic and it really makes me want to see the movie again!

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  1. I Love Love LOVE this movie! May have to go watch it again now that you mention it! Have you seen the remake with Christopher Reeves? I'm afraid to see it because I love the original so much...